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Moss agate as a talisman and amulet

By the way, according to legend, moss agate beads were used as a talisman in ancient times. Then people believed that only a kind, sincere person with pure thoughts could find this stone. And even now, when products made of moss agate beads can not be searched for, but bought in a boutique, the stone is considered to be the patron saint of good people. It is to them that the gem will bring wisdom and a lot of vital energy. And he is also considered an excellent talisman for achieving self-confidence, emancipation. At the same time, the stone will protect you from rash decisions and actions. If there is a lot of evil in a person, all this evil will turn against him, and the moss agate will "not want to bring benefits".

A keychain with moss agate beads is a reliable talisman for drivers, cufflinks are the key to harmony in personal life and career growth. Green agate stone gives peace and improves health.