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According to Velichko F. K. ("Zodiac Stones"), smooth gemstone beads of golden and yellow tones, sapphire, golden topaz, chrysoberyl of a yellowish hue are harmonious for intellectual and practical Virgos. It is important that the stone chosen as a talisman has a high purity, no large cracks, inclusions in it, as they destroy the creative effect of your magical assistant. Astrologers also believe that the size of the amulet directly affects its magical power. the more smooth gemstone beads by weight - the stronger its impact. Please note that it is advisable to contact your amulet as often as possible. Therefore, when choosing a mascot, you often look at the design of the jewelry, it is important that the smooth gemstone beads touch the skin. If you have not yet set the stone, it can be done in both men's and women's jewelry, after consulting jeweler.