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Agate stone for jewelry making.

Popular natural agate stone beads, feature an incredible variety of colors and an unusual layered pattern on the cut. We have many types of natural agate beads for sale for jewelry making. It is believed that agate beads bring health, happiness, and longevity. Natural stones for jewelry in red shades symbolize love and devotion, previously such stones were exchanged by lovers if they were to be separated for a long time. Agate stone was always considered the strongest, it strengthened the spirit, and protected from evil. Have the ability to absorb negative energy, protecting the owner from it, so with therapists recommend cleaning from the negative by washing it in running water. The powdered natural mineral was used as an antidote for snake and scorpion bites, and to wash wounds for faster healing. To relieve respiratory diseases is worn in the form of gemstone beads jewelry, and brooches; to normalize the heart activity, sale agate beads are usually worn on the left hand, and as a sedative — on the right.